Here are the two volumes of the City of Albuquerque's new Emergency Operations Plan for the City which has been put forth as a result of our efforts to get the nuclear weapons stockpile removed and dismantled. Our legislation passed council in December 2004 calling for a report and a task force to be created. This new plan is now before council for review and will go to the mayor after review. We are asking City Council to hold public hearings on this plan.

We donít believe the plan even recognizes the basic threat to our safety but the plan imagines a threat from which we could orderly evacuate over 400,000 people in a short time. Read this plan and prepare to discuss it with council, or at a special meeting we will be calling.

There are two volumes to the plan. You can email the two volumes to Kinkos on Central (usa0413@fedexkinkos.com) and they will print a copy for you, about $25.

A strategic guide for the city-wide response to and recovery from major emergencies and disasters:Volume I, Volume 2

These two sites show in photographs the older Monzano Mountain WMD storage site and the new underground facility and includes a good article with background information.


If you are interested in weapons and war research at UNM here are two interesting contract summaries obtained about ten years ago through a Freedom of Information request. The requests were sent to the Department of Defense for military organization contracts with the University of New Mexico, here in Albuquerque, NM.

SWM now has several hundred contract summaries like these. These two are interesting in that they are from the same time frame, of the Reagan Star Wars program. One is with Mohamed El-Genk, chair of UNM Nuclear Engineering in which it lists as a clear objective space nuclear power for an SDI project, the SP-100.

Some years Dorie and another person went to El Genk's office and confronted him with this info and he denies it is true. A reporter did a story for the local campus newspaper on it too in which he denies this is what the research is about.

The other contract is interesting in that it reveals some of the research in this time from the DoD at our university was classified secret. It is also about space weapons development, most likely the laser portion of a nuclear weapon in space.

What is interesting also is that these contract summaries are not on the new web site of the Department of Defense for contract information, www.dtic.mil.

The last attachment is a copy of a Boeing press release as an article in Space War in which they are bragging of their ties with the Air Force space weapons lab at Kirtland AFB and the support the University of New Mexico provides to the consortium. The regents and president of UNM deny they are involved in any of this war profiteering.

El Genk 1

El Genk 2

Secret UNM Space War


Space War at UNM




Ray Guns in Albuquerque

Councilor Wants Better Nuke Plan



Nukes out of Duke City Flyer

Radiation in our Water!

UNM and war research

An article about UNM's war research

Nukes out of Duke City Bumper Sticker You can pick these up for free (but donations are welcome) at either the PJC 202 Harvard SE, or by calling 858-0882

City Councilor Miguel A. Gomez's Letter to Col. Henry Andrews Jr.

City Councilor Miguel A. Gomez's Letter to Senator Jeff Bingamin

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