Buttons, Bumper Stickers, T-Shirts, and Yard Signs

SWM Signs, Bumperstickers, T-Shirts and Buttons:
View our new SWM Bumper Stickers, Nukes Out of Duke City Bumper sticker, Weapons of Mass Destruction Bumpersticker, Ike was Right Bumpersticker, Tax the Rich Bumpersticker, and yardsigns now available at the Peace & Justice Center. We also have our "Ike Was Right Button" and T-Shirts (the T-Shirts and Buttons are also available through the Peace and Justice Center, 202 Harvard SE, Alb, NM 87106, 505-268-9557. They come in various colors, black, blue, red, and some are women's cut (see below).



You can order the above items by emailing StopTheWarMachine@comcast.net or send check to SWM, 202 Harvard SE, 87106.

The bumper stickers are free at out literature tables at rallies or $1 online, to cover postage, and the t-shirts are $12 at the PJC or $15 online, to cover postage. Our Ike Was Right button is free at our table but to order send $1.00 each. Volume discounts available.

Non-SWM items:
For Local anti-war yard signs, contact the Peace Center: 505- 268-9557

You may order others or have your own buttons, bumper stickers or yard signs made from:

For the "Oil Wars" stickers and signs, visit commondreams.org.

For "Attack Iraq? No!" stickers and signs, visit commondreams.org.

Other links for pro-peace signs and bumperstickers are
Neverbetter.com (check out their great one: Oil Wars: the Empire Strikes First.
And for earth flags, signs progressiveportal.org

View a special Peace Song Book