All Americans have rights; these rights are not exclusive to civilians. If you are in the military and you have questions about your rights visit the National Lawyers Guild or print out one of the fliers on this page.

The phone number for GI Rights Hotline is 1-800-FYI-95GI. This number is a free, non-governmental hotline for people in any branch of the military. You can also visit their website for assistance. For Military and Veterans, we have a very informative document about the Gulf War Syndrome and other issues.

Information about Another Side:
The Recruiter Has His Job. Another Side has a different perspective. One might cost you your life; another might save it.

Another Side Counter Recruitment Program is a project of the Albq. Center for Peace and Justice, the Alliance for Academic Freedom, Military Families Speak Out, and Veterans for Peace. The goal of the project is to give students "another side" of the information they receive from military recruiters and the mainstream media about war and military service.

The project offers speakers and information on
*Other ways to pay for college without military service;
*Other ways to serve your country besides going to war;
*First-hand accounts of war and military service from Veterans who have
served in this current war and other US wars;
*The Draft;
*Conscientious Objection;
*The Invasion and Occupation of Iraq.

Speakers are available to come to events, meetings or high school and college classes. Resource packets that include articles, websites, films, and books are available from Another Side. Call us at 268-9557 or email


Sgt. Kevin Benderman is a 10-year veteran of the US Army, with honorable
service and a combat tour in
Iraq.  After experiencing war firsthand, Kevin
returned home to reflect on his experiences. After careful consideration
Kevin determined that he could no longer participate in war and took the
legal course available to him, filing a Conscientious Objector application
based on his moral and ethical beliefs <read more>.

Citizen Soldier
No Draft No
Draft Resistance
National Lawyers Guild Military Families Speak Out
Veterans Against War in Iraq
Veterans for Common Sense
Gulf War Veterans Resource
Veterans for Peace
AFSC Youth Military Resources
Bring Them Home Now
For information about depleted uranium go to and for more info go to Google and enter Depleted Uranium.

Vietnam Veterans Against War
Vietnam Veterans Against the War Counseling Documents
Document One - Brochure
Document Two - Poster
Document Three - About Counciling Services
Document Four - Handbook


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